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SYMA-Sport & Event Center Technical Sheet

Layout of SYMA-Sport & Event Center


"A" Hall

8000 m2 (100 x 80 m)

Height: 16,2 m/ below the platform 5.7 m
Area with floors: 10 000 m2
Capacity: Depends ont he event up to max.10 000 persons
Stands: Can be configured as fixed and mobile

Conference rooms:
Room 3.: 150-250 persons  (210 m2),
Room 2.:  80-120 persons (130 m2),
Room 1.: 15-30 persons (30m2).

HGV access: 3 gates are available, 3.9 x 4.2 m
Roof construction: Support frames 5x5m
Load-bearing capacity: Truss intersections max. 2 t
Overhang: 800 kg between truss intersections

option of mains connection from the roof construction in 7x7 m grid,
3x32 A/3x63 A, mains connection for stage (TV broadcast or concert)
2 banks of 3x400 A (independent).

Pressure conduit from the roof.
Drainpipe in the floor in 10 x 10 m grid, drain connection 40 mm in diameter.

Sound setting: 15 kW + information system & distress signal system
Floor material: Smoothed concrete
Information system: 2 scoreboards, 2 LED partitions that can be used in a modular way

Ground floor: First aid room, room for forwarding agent
1st floor: Artists’ room, dispatcher room, changing rooms
2nd floor: Offices, doctor’s room, doping control room, physiotherapy, rehabilitation.
3rd floor: VIP boxes, studio (sound, light), conference rooms.                                             

There are cloakrooms, toilets and smoking terraces on each floor. There are 4 lifts: 2 goods lifts (2t) and 2 guest lifts (1 t) int he building.                   

The entire hall can be blacked out. 3 –stage lighting options for sporting occasions ( max. 1 200 lux), events and trade fairs.  

"B" Hall
4800 m2 (115 x 42-36 m)

Height: 8-10 m
Capacity: 500-5 000 persons

Conference rooms:
Room 1.: 120-150 persons (110 m2)
Room2.: 100-120 persons (90 m2)

HGV access:1 gate available, 3,9 x 4,2 m
Roof construction: Support frame 6 x 6 m,
Load-bearing capacity: Truss intersections have a maximum load of 100 kg (vertical)

Option of mains connection from the roof construction to 50 power points
3x63 A. 1 mains connection for stage (TV broadcast and concert).

Water: Pressure conduit is located all the way around floor level, with lateral drain.

Sound setting: 4 kW
Floor material: Smoothed concrete or Rekortan

There is an internationally recognized athletics track in the hall that can be lowered mechanically to floor level in no time. If the hall is not being used for sporting puroses, a synthetic carpet is laid on the Rekortan. The hall can be blacked out.

"C" Hall
2800 m2 (72 x 36-26 m)

Height: 7,2-2,8 m
Capacity: 200-2 500 personsMobile stands can be built directly from ground level up to balcony level.
Balcony: 380 m2

HGV access:
1 gate available, 3x3,5 m
Roof construction: Robust, support frame  3x3m
Load-bearing capacity: Truss intersections have a maximum load of 500 kg (vertical)

Electricity: Option of mains connection from the roof construction,3x32 A,  mains connection for stage (TV broadcast and concert) 3x63 A at 2 power points.

Pressure conduit at a height of 3,3 m and drainpipe along the sides.

Sound setting: 5 kW
Information system: 1 scoreboard
Floor material: Smoothed concreteThere is a pentathlon shooting range on this floor with changing rooms and offices.

"A" Hall
The size of the floorspace of the "Big Hall" is 8000 m2, on the mezzanine and the first floor there is an additional 4-4000 m2, and 3000 m2 on the second floor. The net headroom of the Hall is 16 m. The emergency room, health center and the dopping room is located in this hall, as well as the offices and conference halls. There are fix and mobile blachers and viewing areas concerning the type of event. The minimal volumetric capacity is 4000 persons and of course this can be malleabled up to 10.000, concerning the the demand of the organiser. Elevators help the movements of the handicaped and the disabled.

"B" Hall
The size of the floorplace in the Syma Hall is 5000 m2, it's headroom is 8 m, and there are two conference rooms on the first floor. The imposing climatized and also heatable multifunctional facility is able to be the scene for sport events, exhibitions, cultural events, theaters, conferences and corporate dinners. Until march, the main role of the B hall is Track and Fields and athletics. A uniuqe 4 track running course with sprint track, high- and long jump tracks and a gym are available for use for the Hungarian Athletic Association.

"C" Hall
The size of the floorplace of the "Small Hall" is 2800 m2 (headroom: 8m) and next to this comes an additional 1500 m2 on the first floor. Here we will give opportunity for the pentathlonists for constant and regular training in the fields of shooting, with the appropriate shooting range, and also dressing rooms and lavatory areas.ngarian Tabletennis Association

Passage lobby ,1200 m2

Roof also has natural lighting. From the passage, all halls can be reached at the same time or individually. There is a restaurant (400 m2) with terrace (500m2) that can be reached via the North entrance.
In winter, 250 guests can be catered for at the same time, rising to 600 in the summer incl. terrace. The restaurant’s kitchen also looks after catering in the hall, with up to 5 000 persons if need be.
There is a cloak room at both ends of the passage. All halls are supplied with the latest fire prevention equipment (sprinklers).

Internet access is available throughout. There are 62 video cameras in the halls for monitoring purposes. There are parking spaces for almost 1 000 cars near  to the halls.

Accessibility: Metro «2» (red, «Stadion» station), tram 1, trolley bus 75, 77 and 80-81, bus 95, 130 red, 144 red and 161E around 50-100 m from the event center.

The Hotel «Stadion», where our partners can reserve a room at favorable rates,  is only 100 m from the SYMA-Sport & Event Center.

SYMA-Sport & Event Center
H-1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 1.
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