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Syma as an installation system and as an exhibition implementor is present already in 92 countries all around the world, but only Syma Hungary disposes an event location on its own.
Syma System first landed in Hungary in the year of 1974. The swiss centered firm's hungarian founder was György Szantó, but presently his son András Szántó operates the company. Throuout the years, Syma Hungary had formed itself to a medium sized company, which has 50 employees. According to different events and assignemts, we are able to obtain limitless amount of extra manpower. Our office is located in the heart of the city and our several warehouses altogether of 5000 m² are just next to the center of the city. We also have an own graphical department.

We will organize numerous concerts, parties and exhibitions in 2007, and in september, we will celebrate the first birthday of the expaned Syma Sport and Event Centre with an appropriate gala show.

Our Activities
  • Organisation and transaction of events, exhibitions, conferences cultural and sport events
  • Lending of our event halls
  • Exhibition implementation, graphical designing, installation renting and realization
  • Lending of multimedia appliances
  • Lending and realization of museum and shop installations
  • Lending of furniture
Our main activity is of course exhibition designing, and exhibition implementation from the simplest to the most complex stands, and if demanded, with full service. In Hungary only we produce Syma products. We also deal with multimedia loaning. This is a grest service among the fields of exhibition implementation, and it is very useful in conferences and sport events. Syma expands year to year in the fields of shop - and museum installation. Our subsidiary Syma-Expo deals with exhibition and event organizing. We are also expanding our activities in the fields of shop and museum installation.

Our subsidiary Syma-Expo deals with exhibition and event organizing.


  • Syma is proud to be a gold degree sponsor of The Hungarian Olimpic Comittee since 1995
  • Also diamond degree sponsor of the Hungarian Handball Association
  • Sponsors of the Hungarian Wrestling Association and the Hungarian Tabletennis Association

Our new address:

SYMA + SD Kft.
Adress:    H - 1146 Budapest, Dózsa Gyögy út 1.
Tel.:    +36 1 460-1100
Fax.:    +36 1 460-1160
E-mail:    syma@syma.hu